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Bath Tub Reglazing Kansas City

It’s hard to feel clean in a bath tub that looks dirty. Take your tub from blah, to beautiful.

Should I Reglaze or Replace My Bathtub in Kansas City?

Refinishing is not only faster, cheaper, and requires less demolition and work, but working with Best Refinishers Kansas City means you also get free consulting and a free limited warranty.

One Day Instillation

Choose from several colors.

Have your project finished in hours, not days

Free limited warranty and personalized consulting

How much does it cost to reglaze a bathtub?

Considering that most bathtubs are installed in the home during initial construction, trying to get them out is not easy. Then, to remove an existing tub, one must complete additional items such as trim, bathtub surround walls, plumbing and sometimes hidden unknown items… all of a sudden a $200 tub has grown into a $9,000 bathroom remodel project coupled with a headache!

Don’t waste money replacing your bathtub. Let us reglaze your tub and SAVE 30-70% . Not fan of resurfacing ask about our tub wraps and replacement option. 

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Don’t waste money replacing, let us reglaze your bathtub and SAVE 30-70%.

What will your reglazed tub look like?



Bathtub Reglazing Color Options

Upgrade without the upkeep of real granite or quartz. Modern, matte, and Faux-abulous.

What is the Best Refinishers Kansas City bathtub reglazing process?

DIY bathtub refinishing kit products are available, however bathtub refinishing is a job best left to the professionals. A Best Kansas City Refinishing pro will repair chips or cracks and restore your hotel bathtub to look and feel like new. You’ll save thousands of dollars and avoid odors and an awful job by sloppy contractors.

Step 1 - Consult

We start by talking through your project to ensure you choose best options for you.

Step 2 - Clean

One of our technicians removes soap and other deposits with an industry specified cleaner.

Step 3 - Repair

Any cracks or chips are filled and sealed with specialized material to create an optimal bonding surface.

Step 4 - Coat

Your selected finish or epoxy is applied. Your new surface will last 10 years on average.

How long will my bathtub reglazing last?

Bathtub reglazing, when done by a Best Kansas City Refinishing pro, will extend the life of your tubs for 5 to 10 years or more when you use the same basic care and maintenance guidelines as recommended by new bathtub manufacturers.

Problems we solve by reglazing your bathtubs:


Ugly tub color


Hard to clean and stained


Antique bathtubs needing restoration


Chips and Cracks


High dollar cost of full remodeling

Bathtubs we can reglaze:


Porcelain, Steel, Cast Iron bathtubs


Fiberglass bathtubs


Acrylic bathtubs


Clawfoot bathtubs


Not sure if reglazing your tub would be best? We’ll help you choose the right solution.

We don’t just care about getting the job done right – we truly care about improving your home or business. Our experts will consult you on any project, large and small, making sure your needs are taken care of.

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Faux finish. Real Value.

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On average, homeowners save between 30% – 70% by refinishing versus replacing.