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Best Countertop Painting Kansas City


Don’t fall for DIY paint products – get a professional to give you countertops a high quality paint job that will last.

Do not believe what the big box stores advertise about painting countertops.

While it is easy and affordable, the products that they sell do not get the best results. You will end up paying more for a professional to come and correct what will be a bad finish.

Plus, you will need special painting equipment such as safety wear, a fan, and the right application to cure within 24 hours and not 7 days. Not to mention troubleshooting any issues that may arise during the painting process.

Save some time and money by having a professional at Best Kansas City Refinishing give your kitchen countertops a facelift.

If you have a lot of time, patience, experience, equipment, money to spend freely, and low standards for a finished product, the painting your countertops yourself is right for you! If not, get a free quote from a friendly Kansas City area professional today.

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Don’t waste time money on DIY products, get a professional to do the job right.

Here are some common pitfalls of countertop painting kits at the big box stores:


There is nothing in the kit to repair gouges, burn marks or missing laminate


Roller and brush application of the base coat is inconsistent and streaky


Takes more time and hand labor than anticipated


Choice of only four to five colors


The application of color chips using a “fertilizer” spreader is inconsistent


In order for the color chips to properly stick, the base coat must be wet.  There is about a 20 minute window to roll the base coat out and still get the chips to stick before the base coat dries and loses its stickiness!  Two people are recommended for this application


The color chips don’t easily adhere evenly to the vertical surfaces, like the edges and back splash


If you run out of the base coat or top coat, you’ll have to buy another entire kit


The top coat is not waterproof and may turn cloudy or become discolored from standing water


Rolling the top coat can easily result in “striping” which leaves an uneven appearance


The top coat is soft and scratches easily


The top coat peels and tears

Not sure if painting is what your countertops need? We’ll help you choose the right solution.

We don’t just care about getting the job done right – we truly care about improving your home or business. Our experts will consult you on any project, large and small, making sure your needs are taken care of.

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Get a new modern look today. Real Value.

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