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What determines the price of your Bath Renovation?

The price of a bath renovation is determined by several factors.  

First Step
what size and shape are your current tub or shower?
Second Step
How many products do you need for installation based on the available options?
Third Step
Does it require any repairs before starting work such as new tiles in unfortunate areas due to leakage etc.?

The best way we can provide accurate quotes without doing unnecessary costs or estimations would be a thorough evaluation which occurs during our free consultation.

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0% Deferred interest plans 

If you have cash set aside. Choose one of our 0% Deferred interest plans and keep your money in the bank for next year to enjoy a zero percent rate of interest. We provide several alternatives so you can realize your house renovation ambition now and pay it off later.

Low Monthly Payment Plans  

With no prepayment penalty, we can create a low-interest monthly payment plan to keep your project affordable.

Deferred Payment Plans  

Deferred payment plans of up to 12 months are available, and you can get started right away. Coupled with our low monthly rates your home project will be affordable and you can start today.