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This comprehensive FAQ was created with the client in mind. The majority of FAQs are designed to provide information on the most frequent inquiries that a typical remodeling company would like you to ask. The BEST Refinishers FAQ is a resource for questions YOU should ask before hiring any bathroom or kitchen remodeling contractor. We believe that empowering our clients to make the BEST decisions for them is critical.

Refinishing Bathtub

Q. How long does a bathtub refinishing take?

The procedure is typically completed in 4-5 hours. Depending on conditions like temperature and humidity, your bathtub will be ready to use after another 1-12 hours

Q. How long will my bathtub last?

The longevity of a bathtub refinished by Best Refinishers is similar to that of a brand new bathtub. It will endure many years if properly cared for and no abrasive cleaners are used for cleaning it.

Q. Does Best Refinishers offer a warranty or guarantee?

Bathtubs that have been fully reglazed are warranted for a period of 5 YEARS against peeling or another failure of adhesion due to refinishing materials or workmanship. Chip repairs, drain repairs, or tub bottom repairs that are not part of a full reglaze are warranted for a period of OF 1 YEAR.

Q. How much money will I save if I refinished my bathtub rather than replacing it?

Refinishing your bathtub instead of replacing it may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. While a new bathtub may only cost $350, there might be additional hidden expenses like as excavation and disposal fees, which can total up. These expenditures accumulate over time, and you may easily end up spending more than $3,500 to replace

Q: Is the process harmful to me, my family or my pets?

We do not emit any chemicals that are harmful to people or animals. We mask odors with a fragrance and properly seal off and ventilate the spaces we’re working in. For the first 24 hours, there will be a scent. Everyone has different sensitivity levels, so if you still may want to be away during the actual spraying procedure.

Q. What is the best way to maintain and clean my refinished bathtub?

Although many people believe that a bathtub should be cleaned as often as it is used, refinished tubs are frequently simpler to maintain. Make sure you use mild, non-abrasive cleaning solutions. The finish or shine of a refurbished bathtub may be dulled by abrasive cleansers in the same way as a new one.

Q. If I am remodeling my bathroom, when should I contact you?

We ask that you contact us as soon as feasible to arrange a time. Before refinishing, make sure any new tile around the tub is completely installed. Before refinishing is applied, it’s critical that any significant building or cabinet installation work be finished. This will aid in the prevention of your new finish being destroyed inadvertently by other work. If there must be additional work done after the resurfacing operation, notify the contractors so that they do not put ladders or equipment on or around the new finish. Cleaning paint brushes, for example, should not be performed in the tub.

Q. How soon can I use the tub after it has been resurfaced?

The tub is ready to use after 24 hours. DO NOT WIPE THE TUB during the first 24 hours. During the first 48 hours, pay careful attention to ensure that toys, razors, and other personal hygiene goods do not strike or scratch the surface. It might take 7-10 days for a tub to fully cure and attain

Q.Will my refinished bathtub look like it has been painted?

This is a widespread misconception in the bathtub refinishing sector. Because our material is more like a coating than a paint, your bathtub will not appear to have been painted. In fact, our experts take pleasure in the fact that it’s difficult for an untrained eye to tell whether a bathtub has been refinished by Best Refinishers.

Q.Will my refinished bathtub smell like it has been painted?

Our team members are outfitted with comprehensive ventilation systems to remove the fumes that occur naturally with solvent usage. Although you may notice a faint odor after we’re done, this generally diminishes in a few hours.

Q.Do I have to do anything before the technician starts working?

To begin, replace any loose tiles, grout, or leaking faucets before refinishing. Second, remove all toiletries and decorations from your restroom. Finally, remove rugs and shower curtains to enhance the safety of our staff. The bathroom should be clean, dry, and have plenty of space for the technician to operate.

Q.Do you repair cracks, chips, and scratches in my bathtub?

Our experts will fill in any chips or other flaws on your bathtub or other surface before the refinishing procedure, making it seem like new.

Q.Can you refinish a tub that has been already refinished?

Yes, a tub that has previously been refinished may be refinished by a Best Refinishers professional. Before we refinish it, they will strip and clean the tub, thus removing any old coats.

Q. What if I want a custom color?

We can match any color with Sherwin-Williams palette. Just provide us with a color sample and allow one week for us to order the custom color. For specific instructions on how to provide a color sample or how to order a custom color for your bathtub refinishing, call us at 816-653-0600.

Q. Are you properly licensed to work as a contractor in my area?

Best Refinishers, is fully insured with liability and workers comp, and available to work in the greater Kansas City area. The State of Missouri  does not require a license to do refinishing.

Q. Can I use a bathmat on my refinished bathtub?

That is correct. If the bathmat isn’t secured to the base of the unit with suction cups. Suction cup mats will damage your bathtub’s (or shower’s) surface because they cut into it. They also leave ridges that are a breeding ground for dirt and germs.

Q. Should I remove my overflow valve or any other fixtures that are in my bathtub/shower?

The fixtures may be removed if you wish to replace them. We will cover and protect the overflow valve, faucet, and drain cap to avoid overspray on them. 

Q. I have a dripping/leaky faucet. Do I need to have it fixed before the refinishing job?

Yes, before the refinishing procedure, leaky and dripping faucets must be repaired.

Q. How do I know if my bathtub or tile surfaces have been refinished before?

Wear on porcelain, fiberglass, and cast iron surfaces does not generally result in peeling. They may only dull, stain, rust, and/or become rough over time, but they will not peel. If the tub is peeling, it’s probably been restored previously.

Q. Do you replace the drain?

We do not replace or alter the drain or any other components. If you want to modify them, the drain and/or other components should be replaced or changed by a licensed plumber before the refinishing process.






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